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Kashi Youth Dazzling on the ramp

With the culture of BanarasBanarasi Lehngas and Banarasi Saarees, Youth of Kashi (aka VaranasiBanaras, Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Lok Sabha Constituency) on the ramp shine their talents. They also showed glee and enthusiasm. Dance group also played a significant and vital role and did a theatrical performance. Miss Pooja Yadav and Mr Sameer Khan elected as Miss and Mr Stars of Kashi.

Miss and Mr Kashi event, aka Fashion Show, was held and organized by Ranghumi Group of Art and Filmion Entertainment in a hotel located in Maldahia, Hotel Hindustan International, on 18th Jan, 2018. Men and women of BHU, Kashi Vidyapeeth and Arya Women PG College etc. performed their talent in the program.

A new fashion style showed in one round after one, including rounds of ethnic, designer, funky and traditional sarees. Pooja Yadav became Miss Star of Kashi while Sanjana and Jayati were the first and second runners up respectively.

Sameer Khan was chosen as Mr. Star of KashiAman Jaiswal first and Krishna were second runners up. Apart from this, the awards were given to Best Walk, Best Look, Best Personality, Best Eye, Best Smile and Best Photogenic. Miss Taniya Tiwari of Saregamapa's voice and fashion designer Miss Rupali Gupta also showed a ramp walk. Among the judges, Padmashree Shribhashchandra SuchkarBhagirath Jalan and Soni Jaiswal were also there.

Miss Star of Kashi Pooja Yadav and Mr. Star of Kashi Sameer Khan were selected after passing through four rounds of Fashion Show. At least twenty participants took part in Bridal, IndoAssian, Funky and Traditional rounds during the program. In the program, Tanya Tiwari presented her song and made the atmosphere even more pleasant. By the performance of comedy artist Mohammed Anees, audience were laughing. Chief guests of the program were R P Kushwaha, Milan Srivastava, Vikas Kumar Pandey, Athar Jamal, Anurag Maurya etc and they started the program by lighting the lamp.