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If you are a fan of remakes, especially, of movies you loved watching, you have something to cheer for. The fantastic Tamil political thriller Kodi has been repackaged for the Kannada counterparts of the Tamil viewers. All set to hit the theatres this week, Dhwaja will see Priyamani in the lead role against Ravi Gowda who has plays the part of twin brothers. The film beautifully brings out the trivia when two twin brothers - striking opposite in nature -- happen to be in each other’s shoes. Directed by Ashok Cashyap, Dhwaja will knock the theatres around you this week. The success of Kodi inspired Cashyap to spice it up in the Kannada flavour and release it with a bang.

Dhwaja Movie Story | Plot | Synopsis

A remake of the much-appreciated Tollywood film Kodi, Dhwaja is all set to thrill the Kannada movie buffs with a revamped look. The film that casts Priyamani and Ravi Gowda in the lead roles, covers an interesting life event of twin brothers. The duo, with strikingly different personality types, end up in one another’s shoe. While one is a total pacifier, the other is an aggressive politician. In a fascinating turn of events, their positions get interchanged and they live the lives of one another. As they look the same, the audience assumes them to be real. They end up fighting egos and fulfilling responsibilities of each other while being stuck in a really odd conundrum. This movie will see a contrasting role of the two brothers one of whom follows the footsteps of his father who killed himself for the sake of someone, and other one who believes in leading a normal life. The film has a gripping sequence depicting several ups and downs and a political rivalry between the hero and the heroine. Grown up with their dreams to make a mark in their political careers the couple fights and competes against in each other to get better at the game of politics. The film advocates a common life phenomenon that every action has a reaction. And, sometimes, the reaction may cost you high. The original film Kodi, having a starcast of Dhanush, was a blockbuster hit among the Tamil fans. With that being the magnitude of Kodi’s success, Dhwaja has a promise to deliver to its audience. The Director has his fingers crossed to make sure this remake entertains the audience as fairly as it did in Tollywood. Dhwaja will hit the theatres this week.

Dhwaja Movie Trailer

Dhwaja Movie Wiki

Fullname: Dhwaja

Cast: Ravi Gowda, Priyamani, Divya Uruduga, TN Seetharam, Tabala Nani, Veena Sundar

Genre: Action, Romance, Drama

Director: Ashok Cashyap 

Producer: Sudha Basavegowda





Music: Santhosh Narayanan, Chinna


Production Company: CBG production


Running Time: 149 mins (2 hrs, 29 mins)

Release Date: 27th Apr, 2018

Country: India

Langauge: Kannada

Dhwaja Movie Cast

  • Ravi Gowda
  • Priyamani
  • Divya Uruduga
  • TN Seetharam
  • Tabala Nani
  • Veena Sundar


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