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Are you a staunch lover of Sci-fi films? This dose of high end science drama would lead you to a miraculous world of deadly sea monsters and gigantic human machines.

Pacific Rim: Uprising (2018) is an American science-fiction action film, focussing on the very old good VS evil theology blended in an ultra-modern and technologically advanced world. Directed by Steven S. DeKnight (in his feature-film directorial debut) and written by DeKnight, Emily Carmichael, Kira Snyder, and T.S. Nowlin. It is the sequel to the 2013 film Pacific Rim by Guillermo Del Toro, who acted as a producer here.

Pacific Rim Uprising Story

The film achieves its narrative from the prequel, where all began by showing Earth at war with the Kaiju (Kaiju originally referred to the monsters from ancient Japanese legends) which Translates to the meaning strange colossal sea monsters which have emerged from an interdimensional portal on the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. To combat the science fiction and fantasy giant creature monsters, humanity unites to create the Jaegers, gigantic humanoid machines, each controlled by at least two pilots, whose minds are joined by a mental link. As shown in Prequel, which showed the world in the year 2025, where the world governments decided to end funding for the continuous construction of Jaegers, in favour of building massive coastal walls, as the Kaiju are growing more powerful, their attacks more frequent, and Jaegers were being destroyed faster than they were built. The remaining four Jaegers are relocated to Hong Kong under the command of Marshal Stacker Pentecost, who plans to end the Kaiju War by destroying the Breach using a nuclear weapon.

General stacker Pentecost tracks down Raleigh at a wall-construction site and persuades him to re-join the program.

In this sequel, Ten years after the Battle of the Breach, former jaeger pilot Jake Pentecost—son of Kaiju War hero Stacker Pentecost—makes a living by stealing and selling jaeger parts in the black market. When he is arrested by the Pan-Pacific Defence Corps (PPDC), his adoptive sister Mako Mori gives him a choice between prison and returning to the PPDC as an instructor.

Upon arriving at the Hong Kong unit, Jake starts training jaeger program recruits with his estranged former co-pilot, Nate Lambert. Nate and his sister reveal to him that the jaeger program is threatened by Shao Corporation's drone program, which offers to mass produce remote controlled jaegers developed by Liwen Shao and Dr. Newt Geiszler. The drone program combines jaeger technology with cloned Kaiju cells. Mako, who is due to deliver a final assessment to determine the authorization of the drones, but is killed by Rogue Jaeger Obsidian Fury before she can report, Her death prompts the PPDC board to authorize the drone program and order their immediate deployment. In her last moments, Mako reveals the location of a defunct jaeger production facility in Russia, which she suspects Obsidian Fury is using as a base of operations. Before Jake and Nate can investigate the area in their own jaeger, Obsidian Fury destroys the complex and engages them in battle. Upon destroying its reactor, the two are shocked to learn that Obsidian Fury was controlled by a kaiju's secondary brain, as are all of Shao's drones.

Drones are inflicting heavy casualties on the PPDC forces and incapacitating almost all jaegers. Hermann Gottlieb seeks out Geiszler for help, unaware that Geiszler is the mastermind behind the attack, as he has been corrupted by regularly drifting with Kaiju brains. Seeking to destroy the world for the Precursors, the alien race who created the Kaiju, Geiszler has installed a backdoor in the drone program so that the Kaiju brains could take over the drones, destroy the PPDC and open new breaches all over the world. Although Shao is able to destroy the drones, three powerful Kaiju successfully emerge from the Breach and unite in Tokyo. The team realizes that the Precursors' goal is to activate the Ring of Fire by having a massive kaiju fall into Mount Fuji, wiping out all life on earth and terraforming the planet for their colonization.

Mobilizing the recruits, the PPDC confronts the kaiju with their four remaining jaegers. Gipsy Avenger, the last operational jaeger, is attached to a rocket by Shao and launches itself into the kaiju, killing it. In the aftermath Geiszler is taken into custody by Nate.

The captivated Geiszler threatens that his masters will attack the world over and over again, to which Jake replies that next time, humanity will be the ones attacking the precursors.

The film is scheduled to be released in the United States on March 23, 2018, by Universal Pictures worldwide, in 2D, Real D 3D, IMAX 3D, and IMAX.

So get geared up for the fun fiction ride, engrossed in defeating the heavy built monsters and saving humanity once again.

Pacific Rim Uprising Trailer

Pacific Rim Uprising Wiki

Fullname: Pacific Rim Uprising

Cast: John Boyega, Scott Eastwood, Cailee Spaeny, Jing Tian, Rinko Kikuchi, Burn Gorman, Adria Arjona, Jin Zhang, Charlie Day, Tian Jing, Karan Brar, Wesley Wong, Ivanna Sakhno, Mackenyu, Jeong-hoon Kim, Rumi Kikuchi, Daniel Feuerriegel

Genre: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

Director: Steven S. DeKnight

Producer: John Boyega, Cale Boyter, Guillermo del Toro, Jon Jashni, Femi Oguns, Mary Parent, Thomas Tull

Associate Producer: Jay Ashenfelter, Jake Rice, Brook Worley

Executive Producer: Eric McLeod, Dory Wu, Hopming Cheng, 

Writer: Steven S. DeKnight, Emily Carmichael, Kira Snyder, T.S. Nowlin

Editor: Dylan Highsmith, Josh Schaeffer, Zach Staenberg

Music: Lorne Balfe

Cinematography: Dan Mindel

Screenplay: Emily Carmichael, Kira Snyder, Steven S. DeKnight, T.S. Nowlin

Based On: Characters by Travis Beacham

Casting: Sarah Finn, Kirsty McGregor

Release Date: 15 Mar, 2018 (Vue West End), 23 Mar, 2018 (United States)

IMDB Rating: 6.0/10

Production Company: Legendary Pictures, UpperRoom Entertainment Limited, DDY

Distributors: Universal Pictures

Running Time: 111 minutes (1 hour, 51 mins)

Country: United States

Language: English

Budget: $ 150 million


Pacific Rim Uprising Cast

  • John Boyega (Jake Pentecost)
  • Cailee Spaeny (Amara Namani)
  • Scott Eastwood (Nate Lambert)
  • Madeleine McGraw (Young Amara Namani)
  • Charlie Day (Dr. Newt Geiszler)
  • Burn Gorman (Dr. Hermann Gottlieb)
  • Rinko Kikuchi (Mako Mori)
  • Adria Arjona (Jules Reyes)
  • Jing Tian (Liwen Shao)
  • Zhang Jin (Marshal Quan)
  • Karan Brar (Suresh)
  • Mackenyu (Ryoichi)
  • Zhu Zhu (Juen)
  • Nick E. Tarabay (Sonny)
  • Ivanna Sakhno (Vik)
  • Shyrley Rodriguez (Renata)
  • Levi Meaden (Ilya)
  • Rahart Adams (Tahima Shaheen)


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