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If you have been one of the witnesses of the infamous 9/11 attacks or have listened to the first-hand accounts of the scathing and devasting incident, you have got to be waiting to watch this biopic presenting the life of Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh, the man who supposedly financed the attack. The poster of the film, released earlier this week, has left the viewers much excited to figure why a Britain-born well-educated man transformed into a horrific terrorist, devastating the world and still operating from behind the bars. The film is slated to be released on May 4.

Omerta Story | Plot | Synopsis

Deriving its title from an Italian term that describes a criminal who completely betrays the law, the film Omerta is all set to amuse the audience with its storyline based on the life of the noxious terrorist, Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh – the man behind the gory 9/11 attacks and several others. Directed by Hansal Mehta, Omerta will see the romantic hero Rajkummar Rao winning the awe of the audience by acting as an anti-hero or rather a criminal who devastated thousands of innocent lives across the world. Omerta is a dramatized biopic of a 43-year- old British national who has been involved in terror attacks for over 25 years now. He is currently behind the bars. The story unfolds with several incidents including the one in 1994 where he held 4 persons (3 British men and an American woman) hostage in New Delhi demanding the release of 10 militants. This incident awakens the terrorist streak within him. He then goes on to hijack an Indian Airlines plane. Soon the boy next door converts into a bearded, violent terrorist who is creepy, dreadful and violent. He then settles down in Karachi and marries a trophy woman. The finances keep flowing to him from different Islamic terrorist forefronts soon. The film encompasses various other incidents including the 2002 attack and murder of the Wall Street Journal reporter, Daniel Pearl, and the heart-wrecking 9/11 attack that was purportedly financed by him. The film that attempts to portray the transition of a well-educated middle-class citizen of Britain into a dreaded terrorist, is expected to leave the audience biting their nails and awe-struck to unveil his modus operandi. The Director, Mehta, places Rao in the role of Saeed, who appears to be a cool-head, simple boy.

Omerta is essentially a thriller that promises to keep the viewers engaged throughout by looking at several disturbing real-life incidences triggered by the evil intent of a common man-turned- terrorist. The 96-minute flick will leave the viewers deep-neck thinking about the way crime mounts around
the human world.

Omerta Trailer

Omerta Wiki

Fullname: Omerta

Cast: Rajkummar Rao, Rajesh Tailang, Timothy Ryan Hickernell, Keval Arora, Rupinder Nagra

Genre: Biography, Crime, Drama

Director: Hansal Mehta

Producer: Nahid Khan

Co-Producer: Shahnaab Alam

Line Producer: Sachin Vaish, Inder Singh Bariya

Executive Producer: Alok Tripathi, Jai Mehta

Associate Producer: Meraj Shaikh, Tripur Singh

Writer: Mukul Dev, Hansal Mehta

Editor: Aditya Warrior

Based on: True Story

IMDB: 7.0 / 10

Cinematography: Anuj Rakesh Dhawan

Casting: Mukesh Chhabra, Rachita Kapoor

Music: Ishaan Chhabra

Production Company: Karma Features, Swiss Entertainment

Distributors: NH Studioz

Release Date: 4th May, 2018 (India)

Running Time: 96 mins (1 hrs, 36 mins)

Country: India

Language: Hindi


Omerta Cast

  • Rajkummar Rao (Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh)
  • Rajesh Tailang (General Mahmud)
  • Timothy Ryan Hickernell (Danial Pearl)
  • Rupinder Nagra (Maulana Ismail)
  • Keval Arora (Saeed Sheikh)

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